In my Senior Portfolio class, I returned to a character and environment design project from the year before. The original project started with an idea generation method of making a scribble and creating a character around it.
   Pictured here is my original brainstorming for Clara, as well as her early character and home design.
   My goal as I addressed this project again was to be as specific as possible with the design of Clara and her home. While this is an anthropomorphized character, she is rooted in reality and her clothing and environment would reflect that. The clothing continues the storybook aesthetic of the original design but with a more utilitarian variation. Also, the densely packed cottage would realistically portray both a workshop and a lovingly decorated home.
   The biggest aid to the final rendering of the environment was the 3D modeling software Sketchup. With this easily constructed model, I could pick the best angle to showcase the cottage and ensure the perspective was correct. From there it was just about adding in the details. Layering as much as possible in the small space pushed the idea that Clara was utilizing every inch of the cottage and building a comfortable space for herself.
   The final layout was done entirely digitally and kept in a monotone color for clarity.
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