Illustration of Original Character, Alder, Oil Paint on Panel 

Country Rooster Painting: Gouache on Wood Panel

Creature Tarot Card: Digital

Creature Tarot Card: Digital (Reversed) 

Moon Goddess Painting: Gouache on Wood Cut

Illustration of Original Character, Dalha: Mixed Media

Illustration Spread of Original Character, Dalha: Mixed Media

HTTYD: Redesign Poster: Mixed Media

OA Songbird Illustration: Digital

Self Portrait Illustration: Color Pencil

Mandrake Illustration: Watercolor and Color Pencil

Pumpkin Gargoyle: Watercolor and Color Pencil

Self Portrait, "A Day in the Life" Illustration: Physical Mixed Media

A Cursed Queen and Her Knight: Digital

Edgar Allan Poe's "Silence- A Fable" Illustration: Gouache

Scientific Illustration, Textbook Image: Digital

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